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Established in the North of China, Dongying Haicheng Precision Metal Co., Ltd is specialized in investment casting, sand casting and machining for decades. You'll be happy to know when you are dealing with us, you are dealing with the best.

As an experienced casting manufacturer, Haicheng takes pride in its ability to cast and machine whatever the customers may need and has the ability to deliver on-time, with quality and value. The highly skilled workers at Haicheng manufacturing base pay special attention to their designated position in the team, whether it is as hands on laborer or on our many highly trained technicians. We can help you through the entire process, from the initial drawings to final testing, including upgrades and finishes. Haicheng's machining workshop is equipped with high precision equipment, which can meet your requirements about tolerence and the finished surface. The quality control system currently used by Haicheng is ISO 9001 standards and we also earned the TUV certificate. On-line testing and inspection is maintained at all times to assure optimum parts quality. Here custom castings will be provided according to your required dimensions and drawings.

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, aluminum and iron are our main casting materials. We will follow your specific material requirements or make recommendations on metallurgy, if you wish. Haicheng has a worldwide, trusted reputation in?multiple industries. The main industries we are currently serving includes: machinery, pump & valve, automotive, marine and construction industry. From our base in China, we export castings directly to Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Our export experience means you can choose the delivery option which works best for you. Our company cooperates with all of the major carriers, so we can arrange for your castings to be delivered directly to your site by air or by sea.

Whether your components are the world's most complex or simple, largest to smallest, you can expect more from your metal casting resource. Others say it, we do it everyday. Let Haicheng show you.

Contact us today and we will deliver an accurate casting quote within 2 working days!