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   Investment Casting Advantage

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We are dedicated in precision castings for more than twenty years. You will get to know our main advantages of our lost-wax investment casting from the following several aspects. This gives designers and engineers more possibility and flexibility.

Wide-range In Application  This is the major advantage. We can produce a wide range of products for various industries. Parts with complicated structure can be realized which is difficult for other casting methods since it's too costly and time-consuming. The quality parts are both light and strong with precise control and accurate detail.

Investment casting can be used in a wide choice of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. Almost any metal can be cast. Then our engineers can focus on casting functions and quality.

Completely Independent Production & Quality Assured  We have the mature and independent production line with professional equipment and workers. The castings will be in charge by us from design, tooling, casting, machining, inspection, to packaging and delivery. And this help to gain the initiative in quality assurance. The internal quality control system covers various testing devices and methods. And the certifications such as ISO9001 and TUV is another good guarantee.

Precise Dimension Control & Accurate Detail  By investment casting, the very tight tolerance and high?precision?surface?can be obtained. No matter it's big or small in size, light or heavy in weight, simple or complex in shape, thin or thick in wall, we can ensure its high precision dimension control and accuracy in detail which is ready for use with little or no machining required.

Saving Cost, Time & Labor  
Besides the high precision surface, investment casting also reduces the cost and labor work on machining, repairing and finishing because there are not that many flashes or parting lines like other casting methods. And you don't have to produce many parts, as we can cast out the entire product in one piece without welding or assembling. This can ensure the high levels of mechanical properties and reduce the chances of error when combing separate parts together.